Objavljen video iz kokpita ukrajinskog MiG-a 29 u akciji: Vidi se kako gađaju Ruse novim raketama, tu je i zanimljiv detalj

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Dedicated to the officer who died in air combat in the first days of the Russian invasion

The Air Force of Ukraine has for the first time released a video showing its Mig-29 Fulcrum fighter jets carrying and firing AGM-88 anti-radar missiles, or HARMs.

American officials only confirmed on August 19 that the Ukrainians have the above-mentioned missiles, although their presence in the war has been quite obvious for some time.

The video provides an extremely interesting insight into the operations of the Mig-29 fleet, which consists mainly of surface-modernized Fulcrum-C fighters from the Soviet era. Most importantly, the video shows the launch of HARM, the powerful American rockets. These anti-radar missiles are primarily designed to destroy enemy transmitters, especially air defense radars, including those directly linked to surface-to-air missile systems.

While Ukraine is suffocating in blood, on the streets of Moscow there is no “Z” from the war: “We are at a dead end, but in the summer rush!”

Before the arrival of the HARM, Ukraine had only limited access to similar missiles, mostly in the form of outdated Soviet-era weapons for its fleet of Su-24 Fencer strike aircraft.

However, what should definitely be noticed in the video are the “handy” navigation devices for which the Russians have already been widely ridiculed. In the cockpit, which has undergone some improvements, but of a rather improvised nature, you can see a navigation device that is also available in a wider commercial offer.

It’s the Garmin 66, the same GPS device that military analysts ridiculed the Russian Air Force for. It is attached to some kind of installed bracket.

But unlike the Russians, as one Twitter user noted, Ukraine has never boasted of being a military superpower. It should also be said that the video published by the Ukrainian Air Force is dedicated to Major Yevhen Lisenko, a major who died in air combat in the first days of the Russian invasion.

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