Londonski frizer besplatno ''transformirao'' hiljade beskućnika


Joshua Coombes (31) već godinama, držeći svoje makaze, svima koji žive na ulicama nudi novi izgled. Kao i svaki dobar frizer, razgovara sa svojim klijentima, osluškuje njihove misli, osjećaje i priče. Jedina razlika je u tome što su ulice njegov salon.

Beskućništvo je u Londonu veliki problem, ali Joshua svojim frizerskim poduhvatima ne želi podići svijest o tom problemu, već želi probuditi empatiju prema ljudima u nevolji, piše Unilad. 

Nakon što završi sa šišanjem, frizer pita može li podijeliti svoju priču na Instagramu koristeći hashtag "Do Something For Nothing".

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I just arrived in Manchester this evening for @lightnoiseart exhibition tomorrow evening and I’ve been thinking about the last time I was here. This is Chris. He was in a bad way when I first met him. A friend of his had passed away just a few weeks before... Sadly, his friend was one of 50 homeless people who died on streets in Greater Manchester last year. Chris was in the army for years. He spoke a bit about that. “Things have changed a lot since then... I suffered with PTSD for a while afterwards. I didn’t know what to do with myself when that period of time ended. Well, I am. I cut Chris’s hair in an alleyway away from the noise of the city centre nearby. It was nice to share those moments together before he had to run on to an appointment. Before we left, I asked Chris his message: “Have a little bit of love..spread it as much as you you know what I mean? We’re all in this together. We all came into this world the same way...we’ll all go out the same way. We all end up in the same sized fucking box.”. I’d love to see anyone in Manchester at our event tomorrow. Free entry. All welcome. 6pm - 9pm at @theyard_mcr (Link in bio) It’s important to find new ways of telling the story of people like Chris to create a change. I believe in art and expression to do so. #DoSomethingForNothing

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Dijeleći priče beskućnika, Joshua naglašava činjenicu da oni, kao i svi ljudi, imaju svoju priču koja ih je dovela do mjesta gdje su danas.

Pokret "Nešto za ništa" (DSFN) potiče ljude da shvate da ne postoji razlika između "nas i njih" kada je riječ o ljudima koji žive na ulici, te da je neophodno saosjećanje.

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I’ll never stop opening my heart to new people... A stranger who became a brother to me. Cedric died last year, aged 45. I’m forever grateful for the connection we shared. I first met Cedric in Paris in 2017. At the time, he’d been sleeping on the street for three years. He had a handwritten sign - ‘Vote for me in 2020’ - As soon as I said hello, a big smile appeared. An hour later, I’m handing Cedric the mirror to see his new hairdo. We hung out all day there, listening to punk music and swapping stories. Here’s some of Cedric’s words - “I lived in London for some years with my girlfriend. I remember the carnivals so well, I loved my time there. I wanted to stay in London, but when my girlfriend and I broke up, I came back to Paris. That’s when things went downhill… I had a job at a library. It didn’t pay much but I enjoyed it. One day, I found out the library was closing. We lost our jobs. The rent on my place had already gone up. I started drinking more. I can see now I was depressed...I stopped caring. It wasn’t long before I spent my first night outside. A few months later, I visited Cedric again. After a big hug, I noticed Cedric had a black eye - "There’s so many good people in the day, but at night it can change...There's a bar over there that stays open really late. There was a fight with two men and a woman. It's my fault for saying something, when I did, I got punched.” Cedric had a meeting for some help to get into a room a few days prior. He attended but didn't hear back - "I'm trying and always listening for places, it's not easy. Any weeks with a step forward usually comes with more steps back. I never planned to be here...I hope one day there is another chapter. The third time I visited was different. A mural, painted by the amazing @christianguemy for a beautiful soul, no longer with us. I'm going to continue to make people visible the best I can. I know Cédric would have liked that he played a big part in giving others light also. Making mistakes is human. I don’t forget that. I've seen how love can change people. Listen to The Clash and keep dancing my brother. #DoSomethingForNothing

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